Why do you RIDE?


Is it possible that there is nothing as remotely as cool in London as the spin class I just did in Austin @RIDE_Austin – wow! (Lauren A.)

I don't know if there's anything else like a @RIDE_Austin class in sync that makes tough things seem possible #bestofAFM2013 (Elizabeth O.)

Themed rides at @RIDE_Austin are so much fun y'all! Just did big hair rock bands. Pour some sugar on me!!! (Ashley K.)

Tara is AMAZING. She's like this energy-fueled sadistic little fairy, put on earth to torture your body in the best way possible. (Camila M.)

My first time was a little crazy and awkward but we got to half-way point and took a break to stretch - "Another 20-25 minutes and we will be done", I rationalized. Except, there ISN'T a stretch break - it had been over 45 minutes and we were done!  My clothes were soaked, I could barely stand, but it went FAST and was FUN!  (Brian W.)

I'm 100% serious when I say this, I just got the biggest adrenaline rush I've ever had...outside of the bedroom. TOOK OVER MY ENTIRE BODY. Addicted. (Jessica C.)

I never knew hardcore sweating could be so fun!!! It's very clear that the instructors were hand picked as each of them are phenomenal including everyone who works the front desk. I always feel welcomed and loved each time I walk through the door. Everyone must try at least a week and I guarantee they will be hooked. Thank you for improving my life every day. RIDE on. (Stacie B.)

So about four months ago [we] found RIDE looking to take a path towards a lifestyle change. We learned very fast just how fun and addicting these classes could be. And now I can truly say that RIDE has kickstarted the two of us into an even happier and healthy lifestyle. Now we are addicted to watching our bodies change! Thanks for providing that spark! (Alex T.)


These days one of my favorite ways to get a sweat on is at a fabulous spinning studio here in Austin called RIDE. Having never been naturally athletic, I hadn’t really thought of myself as the spinning type. After a friend kept insisting I give it a try, I am now officially hooked. Lately I’ve been referring to RIDE as “yoga for athletes” because despite the intensity of the classes, the entire 45 minutes makes you feel uplifted, encouraged, and inspired. The instructors use the music and remind RIDE-ers that what happens in there can be taken out into the rest of our life. Life can be really really really hard and we get to pick our response. We get to pick how hard we climb up the hill, how much fun we have doing it, and whether we talk kindly to or are hard on ourselves through the process. I love being reminded of that and feel inspired being in a group of people dedicated to the same things. (